Rocco Menaguale

Interior Designer | Architect

With a focus on the fine art of defining space, Rocco believes in manifesting interior design and architecture as a form of art, combining functionality with imagination, creative solutions, whimsy, and timelessness.

The Rocco Designs process is a comprehensive approach to design that incorporates art, interior design and architectural sensibilities. Rocco Designs offers a full range of architectural and interior design services.

Rocco Designs is experienced in interior design, interior architecture, architecture, and renovation. Specializing in restaurant, hospitality, residential, high-end medical, and commercial office design, Rocco creates architectural experiences that define and enhance the vision of his clients – all within budget and project requirements.

Whether enhancing a personal residence or creating a welcoming business or retail environment, the result is always a distinctive space that embodies a client’s personal style and/or business brand.